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Copper Coated Knife Set 2

Experience A New CUTTING EDGE

Revolutionise the way you slice and dice, with this Copper Coated Knife Set. Combining a multipurpose slicer featuring a dual-cut serrated edge AND a professional chef’s knife with cut-out design, that prevents food sticking to the blade. These quality premium knives will handle ALL your slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing and carving needs, with precise, clean, effortless cuts every time. Set 2. Each measure: 33cm L.

  • Never Needs Sharpening
  • Razor Sharp Blades
  • Rust Resistant



Note: In NSW, it’s an offence to sell knives to persons under 16 and proof of age may be required.

Copper Coated Knife Set 2SKU: K1813
Stock: Sorry, this product has sold out and has been discontinued