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Magnamail Prizes and Theories about Magnamail Scams

"Are the Magnamail prize draws real?" is one of the main questions we get here at Magnamail. And the answer is a resounding "YES!"


Magnamail really does give away all those prizes!

There are those who think that Magnamail is a scam, but we guarantee that the Magnamail prize draws are 100% legitimate. Magnamail competitions have no hidden conditions and are legally drawn by an independent prize draw handling company that makes sure we abide by the rules.

In compliance with these rules, Magnamail gives away every single major prize that is on offer. If we are unable to award the prize to the first selected winner, a 2nd chance draw from all the other valid entries is conducted to select a new prize winner. We also have dedicated staff to handle Magnamail competition complaints and queries.

Names of the Magnamail prize draw winners are published in the The Sunday Star Times newspaper. You can also see a list of all the latest Magnamail prize winners here.

But why do we give away prizes at all?

The reason might surprise you! Like retail shops that put up posters to grab the attention of passing foot traffic, Magnamail competitions and prize draws attract your attention to our catalogues in your mailbox. Otherwise you might miss out on our wonderful deals, great product selections and new innovations!

Our buyers are constantly searching the globe to find the best deals on the newest, most clever products so we can bring them to your door at great low prices. Keep in mind that with our no questions asked 12-Month Money–Back Guarantee, on everything we sell, your home shopping experience with Magnamail is completely risk-free.